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Most firms think they are in good shape with a professional liability policy, business owners and workers compensation insurance. They may shop the professional liability for price because it is expensive; but, they rarely review the policies that are cheap. Qualitative differences and loss exposures that are not readily apparent often go unnoticed.

We believe your firm deserves more than a price quote. As a full service retailer specializing in insurance for law firms, we help you every step of the way. Servicing all lines of insurance needed by most firms, we can help you identify risks, minimize application paperwork and shop the market for your best options. Then, we help you compare the results so you can choose exactly what you want.

Insurance for a law firm presents complexities that are best addressed by coordinated solutions. That is why we recommend periodic review of your entire insurance program. While we are happy to assist with a single policy if you have an immediate and pressing need, we feel you will get the most benefit from our full service.

For a free confidential discussion of your situation and how we can help, please contact me today. My direct number is 732-223-6611, ext. 108.

Kelan J. Vorbach,
CIC Professional Liability Program Manager