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Automobile insurance is not only required by law, but an extremely competitive part of the insurance industry. There are almost as many types of policies as there are types of cars, and it’s a good idea to make sure that your policy is tailored to the vehicle you drive and your driving habits.

Did you know that the typical policy on a leased vehicle only pays the market value? Unfortunately, in the case of a total loss, that may not satisfy your obligation to the leasing company.

Do you own an antique, classic or collectible car that may be eligible for a special, low cost policy?

Are you clear on the different types of coverage – Liability, Collision, Medical and Comprehensive – and aware there are many choices to make in terms of deductibles, coverage limits, good driver discounts and more?

Now is a good time to contact the insurance professionals at John B. Wright to get all the answers to your auto insurance questions.