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Life insurance is designed to make life a little easier for those who depend on you in case of your death.

Many people have a policy through their workplace that usually pays a percentage of annual income. While this may be fine for a single person with few real responsibilities, it doesn’t go very far in helping a family cope. And particularly with a family, it’s important to always reaccess whether the insurance is at the level you need every time there is a significant change in your life – a new child, a new home or a significant change in the policyholder’s income.

Life insurance is always cheapest when you’re young and healthy, and there are a few basic types to consider including:

The variations are many and can be confusing. The professionals at John B. Wright have the tools and the experience to evaluate your needs and explain your alternatives in simple, plain talk, and to follow up with you on a regular basis to make sure you and your family are always well covered.