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The primary considerations when insuring a vacation home are: 1) location, and 2) how often the home is unoccupied each year.

Many second or vacation homes are located in rural areas a good distance from other homes and emergency services. Some are located in areas prone to occasional flooding due to storm water runoff or tidal surges. In short, response time by fire and rescue to any emergency is a factor in determining the level of risk to a given property.

The second factor involves the amount of time each year that the property is unoccupied. The likelihood of theft and/or vandalism increases when a home remains unoccupied for any extended length of time. Storm-related damage can also go undetected for months, increasing the cost of repairs.

Even though there are obvious differences between primary and vacation home policies, they can normally be addressed under an umbrella policy. For details, you may want to speak with one of our Certified Insurance Counselors. Just fill out the form on the left, or call 1-800-244-6693 during regular business hours.